About Me

During a break from full time teaching to relocate, I have been able  to  spend more time  on my favourite hobby. I’m hoping to  inspire others to explore the world of crochet, by teaching a few crochet courses and giving individual lessons. I am forever amazed by the talent of designers  who have brought the craft right up to date. The items I make  are usually designed by others, but I like to tweak them by adding my own ideas and variations. Whenever possible, credit will always be given to the original designer and I hope to branch out into designing some projects of my own. I like to work with natural yarns, particularly cotton, but  premium acrylic fibres can be a more cost effective option for larger projects. Contact me to discuss an item that you would like me to make for you or to arrange a crochet lesson. I am going to keep a record of my projects and adventures in my new home town of Maldon over on the blog pages.